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Kingston St Mary is a parish and village 3 miles north of Taunton lying under the southern extremity of the Quantock Hills (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in Somerset.
Within the Parish are the communities of Kingston St Mary, Nailsbourne, Yarford, Fulford, Dodhill, Cushuish and Pickney.
The population is approximately 900 persons and 400 households (2001 Census).

"The parish once belonged to the kings of the West Saxons hence its name 'The King's settlement'. It then became part of the large Manor of Taunton Deane, and the property of the Bishops of Winchester. In documents the village was sometimes referred to as Kingston-juxta-Taunton and it is only since the 1950s that it became officially known as Kingston St Mary, the saint being the dedication of its splendid parish church".
Source: Quantocksonline

Concern about watercourses

The Parish Council is concerned about the considerable amount of silt and gravel that has been washed into local streams by the heavy winter rain impeding the flow of water.

Riparian owners are reminded that they have a legal duty to ensure watercourses are clear. Failure to clear brooks and streams can cause flooding of roads and in some cases homes.
Residents have expressed their concern about the state of some of the watercourses that feed into the centre of the village.

Speed and pot holes

Speeding traffic continues to be an issue and the Parish Council is anxious to re-launch the Speed Watch scheme.
However, this will depend on finding sufficient volunteers. Anyone who is interested should contact the co-ordinator Ian Barrie on 451388.

Residents are being asked to report any pot holes in local roads. This can be done by ringing 0845 345 9155 or on www.somerset.gov.uk.

Upcoming meetings parish council

Next meetings:
Monday 10 November 2014
Monday 8 December 2014

The regular meetings will be held in the Committee Room – Village Hall, starting at 19.30 hours. See what's on the council's agenda.
More news from the parish council.

Parish Council opposes Staplegrove Urban Extension

The Parish Council unanimously agreed to oppose plans for a major housing development of between 500 and 1500 new homes north of Staplegrove.

An outline planning application for the first phase (the building of 250 plus homes west of Kingston Road) could be submitted as early as April.
The Parish Council believes the development would:

  • result in the loss of high grade productive agricultural land;
  • cause serious traffic problems on the already congested roads of north Taunton and particularly on the increasingly busy Kingston Road which is likely to get even busier when construction starts at Hinkley Point;
  • worsen the frequent flooding problems in Corkscrew Lane and Kingston Road;
  • spoil the approach to the Quantock Hills which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year putting money into local businesses

The Parish Council has expressed the view that, if development is permitted, no building should start until the entire access road, running east-west through the site, is completed.
The Strategic Allocation Plan can be found here.

Notice Board

Habeas Corpus at the Tacchi Morris

We are a new local drama group called 2K Theatre and have performed Allo Allo and Abigails Party at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, in Monkton Heathfield and we are about to start on our next production Habeas Corpus and hilarious play by Alan Bennett.

As part of aim of group is to bring theatre to the local community we are pleased to offer a special rate for residents, on Tuesday evening 10 per person and Saturday matinee two tickets for 12, normal cost 12 per performance.

The play will be performed from 23rd to 27th September, curtains up at 7.30pm each evening and 2pm on Saturday Matinee, tickets are available from the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, by calling 01823 414141 or the 2K Helpline of 07437 223338.

Habeas Corpus was first performed at the Lyric Theatre in London on 10 May 1973, with Alec Guinness and Margaret Courtenay in the lead roles. Bennetts first play, written in 1973, it is a comedy set in Brighton in the 1960s where the lust and longing of the permissive society has well and truly taken hold of the apparently respectable Wicksteed family.

The aging Dr. Arthur Wicksteed pursues his nubile patient, Felicity Rumpers. Wicksteeds wife Muriel lusts after the charming head of the BMA, Sir Percy Shorter. Shorter as well as being Wicksteeds old rival, turns out to be Felicitys father the result of an underthetable liaison during an airraid with Lady Rumpers, her mother. Meanwhile, Wicksteeds spinstersister Connie, ashamed of her flatchestedness, has schemes of her own. Like some saucy Magill seaside postcard as retouched by Magritte, or an endofthepier romp reorganised by Orton, the piece shows how a collection of stock types from Hove find themselves propelled into the permissive society with the arrival of a falsebreast fitter from Leatherhead. Identities are mistaken, the wrong knockers admiringly fondled, and libidos burst out of enforced hibernation.
Posted by David Northey Chair 2K Theatre on 12/07/2014

Charity Bike Maintenance Service

My name is Robin Evans. Since 2010 I have been raising money for Cancer Research UK by repairing/servicing or selling bicycles around our community.
The total raised now (Jan 2014), including gift aid, is around £9500.
My next target is to raise it to £10,000.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the folk who have supported the project thus far!

There is no fixed charge for repairing/servicing or selling bicycles. Instead people can donate any amount to Cancer Research UK either by using my JustGiving account or by putting petty cash in a tin which will later be transferred.
I can also advise on what might be an appropriate amount to donate if this would help. E.g. a quid for a puncture or for a gear tweaking.
Please see www.justgiving.com/Robin-Evans0 or email robinevansh40@aol.com
(Posted by Robin Evans on 19/01/2014)

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